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The Heppner Chamber of Commerce is partnered with several grant resources locally, regionally, and at state and federal levels. Most notably, we administer project management services for the Willow Creek Valley Economic Development Group (WCVEDG). WCVEDG distributes Columbia River Enterprise Zone (CREZ) funding for a variety of economic development projects in our valley. 

In addition, we partner with Reinventing Rural for entrepreneur workshops and grants, with local and state community foundations, and recreation districts to support our annual events. Learn more below about how we can connect you to the resources you need to build your business, and your rural life in Heppner, OR.

WCVEDG service area includes Heppner, Lexington, and Echo zip codes (97836, 97839, 97826).

For all grant requests in Ione (97843), please get in touch with ICABO at or [email protected]

Business Enhancement Grant

The Business Enhancement Grant is distributed by Willow Creek Valley Economic Development Group (WCVEDG), and managed by the Heppner Chamber of Commerce and Heppner Community Foundation (HCF). 
The goal of this grant is to work with local businesses in the areas of retention and expansion by providing incentives that encourage and support business growth and job creation and retention.
This grant encourages public infrastructure improvement projects that support, and sustain future growth for the community.
WCVEDG works to support public infrastructure improvement projects that encourage, support, and sustain future growth for the community.

Eligible Businesses (included but not limited to) :

  • Retail/Service Storefronts
  • Tourism projects which attract tourism expenditures from outside the region.
  • Relocation of home-based businesses to a storefront location.
  • Lodging
  • Buildings having a significant impact on the retail community.

Examples of Qualifying Projects:

  • Exterior Storefront Facade Improvements
  • Landscape/Parking Improvements
  • Signage
  • Interior Leasehold and/or Building Improvements
  • Business Equipment/Fixture Purchases (Capital Improvements)
  • Real Property vs. Personal Property


The Business Enhancement Grant is open all year long. 

Community Enhancement Grant

The Community Enhancement Grant is also distributed by WCVEDG. 

Willow Creek Valley Economic Development Group (WCVEDG) has been granted funds from the Columbia River Enterprise Zone Board (CREZ).

WCVEDG has decided to use some of the funding for community and public enhancement for South Morrow County.

Resources are provided to worthy projects and groups best fulfilling of our designated region.

Who Should Apply:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Special districts
  • Municipalities

Examples of Qualifying Projects:

  • Recreational programs or projects that serve the public.
  • Cultural activities
  • Public beautification projects
  • Existing program enhancement
  • Capital improvements


The Community Enhancement Grant is now closed for 2023. Applications will be accepted in Spring 2024. 

Home Rehabilitation Grant

This program is sponsored by the Willow Creek Valley Economic Development Group (WCVEDG).

WCVEDG invites applications from property owners located in the WCVEDG Service Area (see map in application below). 

This grant is for homeowners in the Willow Creek Valley service area interested in making major improvements to their properties. 

Eligibility requirements and funding distribution details can be found in the application. 


Eligible Improvement Projects:

  • Home improvements to building structures 
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Systems
  • Flooring
  • Interior/Exterior Finishing
  • Curb Appeal Landscaping


Home Rehabilitation Grant is open all year long. Qualifying applicants must apply within 90 days of residential property purchase.

More Grant Opportunities

In partnership with Howard & Beth Bryant Foundation (HBBF) and the Heppner Community Foundation (HCF), The Heppner Chamber of Commerce can help connect you with local, regional, state, and national resources to help your business or community program thrive. 

Call us today if you have any questions about these opportunities. 

List of Additional Opportunities

Demolition, Abatement & Utility Extension

Grants to owners of residential property located within the limits of the incorporated South Morrow Communities, for the following purposes:

  • Demolition, removal, and disposal of derelict structures and trailers.
  • Abatement of environmental hazards (for example, asbestos) discovered during an inspection prior to demolition of a structure or prior to work beginning on a housing rehabilitation construction project.
  • Extending existing public utilities such as municipal water, municipal sewer, and electrical lines to the property line of a new home site


Applications open all year long.