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101 Things to Do in Heppner

Hike up to the Dam . Go shopping. Mow your yard. Start a business. Sit on top of a hill overlooking the dam. Plant spring bulbs. Wash the pick-up. Sit on the back porch swing. Rent a video. Go shopping at the Heppner Family Foods. Go bowling. Eat out. Water the plants. Attend Chamber of Commerce . Go to church . Smile at each other. Plan a dinner party . Attend a City Council meeting. Go bicycling . Go skateboarding. Go rollerblading. Ride your scooter. Play at the park. Go sleigh riding. Go to the Morrow County Fair & Rodeo (in August). Take a ride to the mountains. Go to the Library . Take a class. Watch the sunset. Watch the sunrise. Relax. Pick apples and make applesauce. Bake a pie. Go golfing . Get on a committee. Attend the St. Pat's Celebration . Ride a horse. Treo and Ruggs Ranches welcome hunters.

Observe the wheat harvest . Go on a picnic. Go snowmobiling. Go cross-country skiing. Read a book under the shade of a tree. Enjoy the minute. Paint a picture. Have your hair and nails done. Go camping . Go bird watching. Go Fishing or Hunting . Volunteer. Play pinochle. Shoot clay pigeons. Visit a ghost town - Hardman . Look for fossils. Collect pine cones. Play bridge. Photograph the area. Become a 4-H leader . Write a book. Rent a video. Walk from one end of town to the other. Plan a tour for visitors. Go swimming in Willow Lake . Go swimming at the Willow Creek Water Park. Watch a football game . Go to the cemetery to look at old tombstones - find the one that looks like a tree stump. Say hi to someone you don't know. Say hi to someone you do know. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Visit a school . Hike up to the cross on the hill. Go to the museum . Tour the courthouse . Hike the Oregon Trail. Go mushrooming, when in season. Count the deer on an evening drive. Play tennis. Climb a tree. Hike to the top of a hill. Join the Willow Creek Singers. Learn to rope a cow. Pull some weeds. Join an organization . Play in the Willow Creek Symphony. Create a specialty item for Heppner. Invite your neighbors over. Start a club. Hold a yard sale. Dance. Jump rope. Name the Heppner merchants . Listen to music . Walk your pet. Help plan the upcoming St. Patrick's Celebration . Write a letter. Take a computer class at BMCC . Sit around thinking of 100 more things to do in Heppner.