2015-2017 Heppner Chamber of Commerce 3 Year Strategic Plan


The Heppner Chamber of Commerce has developed a 3-Year Strategic Plan based on an analysis and organizational review at a 2015 planning session.  This planning session resulted in a clear direction and vision for the Chamber as a whole.  The Chamber has identified activities over the course of the next three years to guide them in their decision making for best use of resources and staff time.   The overall goal of the Chamber is to be a thriving business organization that delivers on the needs of the business community and improves the quality of life in Heppner. 

Mission: “The Heppner Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to creating a positive environment in which business, community and people thrive while preserving our heritage.”

The Chamber’s 3 Year Strategic Plan is a living document and will be revisited on an annual basis to assure it remains an effective and relevant planning tool. Member input is highly valued and will be considered in future revisions of the Strategic Plan. The Chamber is a proactive organization and its Strategic Plan must be sensitive to environmental, economic, and political variables. 

Programs and Services

We deliver our mission through these programs & activities:

  • Regular Chamber Lunch Meetings on the first and third Thursday’s of each month
  • Chamber Annual Luncheon / Announcement of chamber officers
  • Chamber Town & Country Community Awards / Presentation of Chamber officers
  • St. Patrick’s “Wee’ Bit O’ Ireland” events, including Amateur Boxing Smoker event
  • Support Morrow County Fair & Rodeo and Parade
  • Coordinate putting up and taking down of lights on main street trees
  • Coordinate “Celebrate Heppner” Christmas Event (no Parade of Lights or open house downtown)  
  • WCVEDG projects, as assigned
  • Involvement in area events – Coordinate and Sponsor Annual Blue Mountain Century Scenic Bikeway the third week in September
  • Ongoing Membership Drive Activities

Chamber Goals & Activities

Below are work items, activities or areas of concern the Chamber strives to address throughout the year.  Items shown in the 2015-2017 activities chart (attached) have been given priority for the chamber staff and board to work on to achieve its mission.

1. Facilitate and Market Events:

  • Annual Town and Country Community Awards Event
  • Wee Bit O’Ireland St. Patrick’s Celebration
  • Morrow County Fair and Rodeo Parade
  • Celebrate Heppner Christmas Event
  • Annual Blue Mountain Century Scenic Bikeway
  • Fundraiser Events

2. Encourage Business Development & Retention:

  • Willow Creek Valley Economic Development Group (WCVEDG) activities
    • Residential Grant Program
    • Rent Feasibility Study
    • Community and Public Enhancement Grant
    • Business Retention and Expansion Project
    • Serve on Eastern Oregon Workforce Investment Board
    • Attend Morrow County Citizens Economic Development Task Force meeting
    • Attend Economic Development conferences, meetings & activities

3. Identify Legislative and Community Concerns for a Better Business and Community Environment:

  • Remain proactive in addressing issues when they are identified.

4. Grow Chamber Membership:

  • Participate with local service clubs; promote chamber membership
  • Develop Chamber flyer highlighting successes and recruitment
  • Post “Thank you in paper” … sample “Please join us in thanking (business or member name) for their membership in the chamber and supporting our community.
  • Increase Public Relation activities prior to big events/Advertise
  • Promote Chamber members … advertise list of members
  • Continue with weekly “Announcements and Upcoming Events”
  • Review of Membership dues
  • Champion how chamber membership promotes local businesses/community/members through the following activities:
    1. Actively promotes your business
    2. Supports “buy local” initiatives;
    3. Increases revenues through increased exposure in media and other events; and,
    4. Provides quarterly education classes for members
  • Identify target businesses for chamber inclusion:
    1. Develop promotional letter;
    2. Develop a media campaign;
    3. Develop talking points

5. Promote Development of the Visitor/Tourism Industry to Grow the Economy through Local and Regional Participation with other chambers and:

  • Participation with Eastern Oregon Visitor Association and Travel Oregon
  • Focus on motorcycle and bicycle tourism
  • Promote bed and breakfast industry
  • Support the development of a rest area by Vinson for tourism needs; particularly needs identified by touring bicyclists
  • Utilize social media more for chamber and members
  • Record (video) events and stream via social media/Develop costs

6. Address and/or Assist with Needs Identified for the Community of Heppner:

  • More Public Relations activities needed to promote Heppner
  • Increased businesses
  • Additional housing
  • Continued need to address problems associated with FEMA-related designations
  • Value and understand customer needs
  • Recognize parents/children’s needs for schooling; support local school
  • Understand demographics and what it means for Heppner

7.  Address Items Identified for the Chamber Board and Staff:

  • Executive Director to outreach for more board support at events
  • Identify “champions” for projects
  • Continue collaborate efforts with WCVEDG and Chamber for Executive Director’s time/involvement
  • Consider need for part-time position to assist Executive Director with activities