Breaking Grounds Coffee and Deli 541-676-9158 (located inside Murray's Drugstore)

*Bucknum's Bar & Grill 541-676-5274 (catering available)

*Gateway Cafe 541-676-6000 open Friday and Saturday night only (catering available)

*Heppner Elks Lodge 541-676-9181 open Wed-Sat 

*Heppner Market Fresh 541-676-9614 (Catering available)

*Heppner Mobile/Circle K 541-676-5062

*Tacos Hometown 541-561-7397 (Located at Thompson Square Food Court)

Two Old Hags Pizza 541-676-1010

*Upper Place Concessions 541-256-6048 (Located at Thompson Square Food Court)

* denotes Heppner Chamber of Commerce Member