Ukiah - 45 miles

Ukiah barnGeologists tell us the Ukiah area was once covered by a large lake. The Native Americans speak of a "great rumbling" that happened "many moons ago," and the lake vanished as though it had never been there. They have been coming to the area for many years to gather wild blue camas root early in the summer, relying on the root as a food source. Originally called Camas Prairie (pictured below), the name was changed to Ukiah by E.B. Gamba (the first postmaster) who lived in Ukiah, California.

During its heyday at the turn of the century, Ukiah supported hotels, stage stops, a blacksmith shop, numerous other businesses, ranches, and even a rodeo ground.

Ukiah flowersToday Ukiah offers visitors a respite from their travels. The Ukiah City Park includes a newly refurbished BBQ pit, picnic facilities and public rest-rooms. Public restrooms are also available at the USFS office. There are three general stores, including Dan's Ukiah (Laundromat, Groceries, Gas, Propane and diesel), Rhodes Supply (Groceries, Liquor & Propane, Hand dipped Ice Cream) and Granny's Country Store (Groceries – Deli); two motels; The Thicket - Cafe & Tavern; and the Ukiah Senior Center, which serves a complete meal every Friday starting at 11:30 a.m. Ukiah also offers the nearest EMT and ambulance service.