We invite you to become a member of the Heppner Chamber of Commerce, the goal of which is to improve the quality of life in your community and to build a healthy economy. Your financial investment as a dues paying member means you believe in Heppner's Future.

Your investment means:

  • Visibility through social media, our web site, publications, etc...
  • An "ear" to your concerns and active communications
  • Marketing to bring in more visitors, customers and clients to grow Heppner.
  • Oregon's High Country & Eastern Oregon Visitors
  • Monthly Chamber Lunch Meeting -
  • First Thursday - All Entities Reports
  • Quarterly Meetings - special speaker
  • Web Site access to blogs, member to member sales and drect merketing sales

Your Chamber is your ADVOCATE... We strive to improve community understanding of issues by presenting the business perspective on important topics. All entities are invited to report at the monthly Chamber meeting.

Your Chamber is your SALES MANAGER... You get first-hand community reports! We communicate to people everywhere through networking and referrals.

Your Chamber is your INFORMATION BUREAU... We have relocation and visitor packets and a wealth of information to encourage people to spend time in Heppner efficiently

Your Chamber is your PUBLIC RELATION FIRM... We welcome visitors, new people, and events to Heppner to promote theĀ  quality of life and bring in business.

Your Chamber is your VOICE IN THE COMMUNITY... We serve as spokesman for business membership when a unified stand needs to be taken. Be a part of that voice.

Your Chamber is your RESEARCH SERVICE... We maintain club, organization, churches, business lists, medical and educational information, and calendar of events.

Your Chamber MULTIPLIES YOUR EFFECTIVENESS IN YOUR COMMUNITY... We provide the structure, volunteer leadership, and staff to implement an effective program to meet business and community needs.

Your Chamber NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR VOICE... We can provide seminars and informative programs to enhance your business and create new events and activities with your input.

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