Morrow County Museum

Morrow County MuseumThe Morrow County Museum in Heppner, Oregon, has one of the finest collections of artifacts of pioneer, homestead, agricultural and rural history in the Northwest. The Oregon Trail bisects the county, but the desolate country through which it passes did not slow the pioneers heading for the green Oregon of their dreams. Twenty years later, the burgeoning cities of western Oregon started crowding a few hardy souls who remembered the knee-high grass and solitude through which they had passed. These latter-day Oregon Trail immigrants traveled east on the Trail, bringing families and livestock to make a living and establish a culture in a hard and demanding land. Hundreds of photographs in the collection of the Morrow County Museum document the social, economic and technological development of Morrow County. Exhibits range from agricultural history to a discussion of the Native American presence in the county; from the history of rural medical care to the story of the Heppner Flood.


Open March thru October
Tues.-Fri. 1-5 Sat. 11-3
Admission $3.00
Will open for school groups & reunions on request.

Rural Living Museum - Morrow County Museum

P.O. Box 1153
Heppner, Oregon 97836
Ph: (541) 676-5524

Agricultural Equipment Museum

Larry Mills
P.O. Box 515
Heppner, OR 97836

Memberships: $15.00 per year
Lifetime: $500

Geneology Research

We are happy to assist you in your search for Morrow County relatives! We keep family files on hundreds of families. We can also do look-ups in newspapers for Heppner, Lexington, Ione, and surrounding towns.

Contact Larry Mills at for genealogy assistance & Heppner Cemetery look-ups. No charge, donations always welcome.