The Covid-19 pandemic has made for some uncetain economical times for our nation. Fortunately both Morrow County and The City of Heppner have been able to secure some funding to help small businesses in this most difficult time with the COVID-19 Emergency Business Assistance Fund. 

Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation (GEODC) - Oregon Covid Grant Program - Small Business Relief  

Regulations for this grant is that you could NOT have gotten the Personal Payroll Protection (PPP) or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)

Contact Susan Christensen at [email protected] at GEODC or call at (541)276-6745 for more information. 

Feel free to reach out to Lori Roach at the Heppner Chamber of Commerce at 541-676-5536 or email Lori at [email protected] 




Some great news, Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation received a grant for $370,000 to assist small businesses and 501C3 non-profits that reside in Eastern Oregon from the state of Oregon’s business development department, Business Oregon.  The grant funds were distributed per county in the following manner:


             County                                                    Grants                                 


            Gilliam                                                 $7,500


            Grant                                                  $25,000


            Harney                                                $25,000


            Malheur                                               $75,000


            Morrow                                                $30,000


            Umatilla                                               $200,000


            Wheeler                                               $7,500


            Total                                                    $370,000                                                                     





·        Businesses effected by COVID per Governor’s Executive Order 20-12 or gross revenues decreased more than 50% Jan or Feb 2020 as compared to March or April of 2020.

·        Can’t have received any federal grant/loan funds from the Cares Act PPP or EIDL.

·        Have less than 25 employees as of 2/29/2020.

·        50% of the grant funds are marked for sole-proprietors…trying to help small businesses.

·        Must be headquartered in Oregon and primary operation are in Oregon.

·        Current on all state, federal and local taxes.

·        Businesses comply with all state and federal laws (this excludes marijuana businesses from receiving these grants).

·        Business is currently in business, can be closed due to executive order, but plans to reopen.

·        Priority given to women and minority owned businesses.



How much can a small business or 501C3 non-profit receive?


            1-5 employees                         $2,500 or 60-day fixed expenses up to maximum of $5,000


            6-10 employees                       $5,000 or 60-day fixed expenses up to maximum of $10,000


            11-15 employees                     $7,500 or 60-day fixed expenses up to maximum of $15,000


            16-20 employees                     $10,000 or 60-day fixed expenses up to maximum of $20,000


            20-25 employees                     $12,500 or 60-day fixed expenses up to maximum of $25,000



What is the grant process?


Step one:         Business owner completes the attached application and demographic questionnaire.


Step two:         For businesses with 5 or more employees, we will need a copy of Form 132 which is sent to the Oregon Department of employment quarterly.  The Q4 2019 or Q1 2020 forms are acceptable.  This form denotes the number of FTE for the employer. 


Step three:       Applicants must provide a Profit and Loss (income statement) for January or February 2020 and one from March or April of 2020 and gross revenues must have decreased 50%.  If the business was ordered to close per Governor’s Executive Order 20-12, then they do not need to provide this information.                        


Step four:         Once the first three steps are completed, forward the information to Susan Christensen by one of the following ways:

                         1. E-Mail: [email protected]

                         2. Fax: (541) 276-6071

                         3. Mail: PO Box 1041 Pendleton, OR 97801

                          Questions? Call (541) 612-7142


                         Once the grant is “approved”, GEODC will notify Business Oregon and they will verify the applicant has not already received funds from this program. 


Step five:           The final step in the process is having the grant applicant sign the grant agreement (certification of acceptance) and complete a W—9.  Then GEODC will send a check.


How long do we have?


GEODC will need to disperse the funds by September 12, 2020.