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101 Things to Do in Heppner

Hike up to the Dam. Go shopping. Mow your yard. Start a business. Sit on top of a hill overlooking the dam. Plant spring bulbs. Wash the pick-up. Sit on the back porch swing. Rent a video. Go shopping at the Heppner Family Foods. Go bowling. Eat out. Water the plants. Attend Chamber of Commerce. Go to church. Smile at each other. Plan a dinner party. Attend a City Council meeting. Go bicycling. Go skateboarding. Go rollerblading. Ride your scooter. Play at the park. Go sleigh riding. Go to the Morrow County Fair & Rodeo (in August). Take a ride to the mountains. Go to the Library. Take a class. Watch the sun set. Watch the sun rise. Relax. Pick apples and make applesauce. Bake a pie. Go golfing. Get on a committee. Attend the St. Pat's Celebration. Ride a horse. Treo and Ruggs Ranches welcome hunters.

Observe the wheat harvest. Go on a picnic. Go snowmobiling. Go cross-country skiing. Read a book under the shade of a tree. Enjoy the minute. Paint a picture. Have your hair and nails done. Go camping. Go bird watching. Go Fishing. Hunt. Trap. Volunteer. Play pinochle. Shoot clay pigeons. Visit a ghost town - Hardman. Look for fossils. Collect pine cones. Play bridge. Photograph the area. Become a 4-H leader. Write a book. Rent a video. Walk from one end of town to the other. Plan a tour for visitors. Go swimming in Willow Lake. Go swimming at the Willow Creek Water Park. Watch a football game. Go to the cemetery to look at old tombstones - find the one that looks like a tree stump. Say hi to someone you don't know. Say hi to someone you do know. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Visit a school. Hike up to the cross on the hill. Go to the museum. Tour the courthouse. Hike the Oregon Trail. Go mushrooming, when in season. Count the deer on an evening drive. Play tennis. Climb a tree. Hike to the top of a hill. Join the Willow Creek Singers. Learn to rope a cow. Pull some weeds. Join an organization. Play in the Willow Creek Symphony. Create a specialty item for Heppner. Invite your neighbors over. Start a club. Hold a yard sale. Dance. Jump rope. Name the Heppner merchants. Listen to music. Walk your pet. Help plan the upcoming St. Patrick's Celebration. Write a letter. Take a computer class at BMCC. Sit around thinking of 100 more things to do in Heppner.