Oregon Wheat Growers League

"The Oregon Wheat Commission and the OWGL will cooperate to enhance the profitability of Oregon wheat growers by communicating with and educating ourselves and the public, assuring markets, and conducting and stimulating research. We will be politically pro-active and work to strengthen our organizations." January 1993
When formed in February 1926, OWGL was the first commodity organization for wheat in the US. Now, some 70 years after Oregon wheat producers first came together to work for the common interest, OWGL remains hard at work promoting wheat interests and providing a means for wheat growers to work together.
Scheduled spring meeting to discuss any changes, problems, opportunities, or events that may influence the welfare of wheat producers. Scheduled fall meeting for same and election of officers. Special meeting called during the year for issues or education.
Meetings and Frequency: 
Selected locations within the county.
Primary Contact Name : 
Judy Rhea
Primary Contact Phone: 
Secondary Contact Name: 
Chris Rauch
Secondary Contact Phone: 
Other Helpful Information: 
OWGL selects a conservation farm in Morrow County and also hosts a conservation tour of the selected farm. We monitor Salem and Washington, DC, continually to the betterment of agriculture and farmers. We support wheat research and breeding, export marketing, farm safety, education about the industry, and conservation. We monitor ag chemicals, crop insurance, national farm programs, taxation, water, and transportation. OWGL members receive reduced rates at selected Red Lion, Quality Inn and Phoenix Inn hotels/motels; reduced rates as new AAA members; a weekly newsletter and market update, monthly Oregon Wheat magazine, access to discounted premiums on workers' compensation insurance through SAIF and group rates for Internet Access.